Career Outlook For Paralegal Bachelor's Degree

With an Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree in Legal Assistant/Paralegal studies, you can work alongside attorneys and other legal professionals in many different arenas. Here are just a few of the opportunities available for trained legal assistants (also known as paralegals).

Legal Assistant/Paralegal
The terms Legal Assistant and Paralegal are used interchangeably, much like the terms attorney and lawyer. Qualified Legal Assistants and Paralegals assist lawyers in the delivery of legal services and may perform any function delegated by an attorney.

A few duties commonly performed by Paralegals include conducting client interviews, interviewing witnesses, drafting legal documents, conducting investigations and research, summarizing depositions and attending court hearings and trials with the supervising attorney.

Employment Opportunities

  • Banks
  • Consumer Organizations
  • Corporate Legal Departments
  • Federal Government
  • Federal Prosecutor's Office
  • Insurance Companies
  • Legal Services Companies
  • Local Government
  • Mortgage Companies
  • Private Law Firms
  • Public Defender's Office
  • Real Estate Companies
  • State Government
  • State Prosecutor's Office
  • Title Companies

Areas of Specialization

  • Bankruptcy
  • Corporate
  • Criminal
  • Environmental
  • Family
  • Health Care
  • Immigration
  • Intellectual Property
  • International
  • Labor
  • Litigation
  • Personal Injury
  • Real Estate
Source: Adapted from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S, Department of Labor, Occupational Outlook Handbook, 2010-11 Edition, Your own hard work, professionalism, experience, work attitude, local market and other factors may impact your personal employment opportunities and pay.