"My new job is wonderful. Since my salary’s higher I’m able to do more things with my daughter. All of that was due to extending my education.*"
Victoria G.
2011 Graduate, Paralegal
"With Everest University Online, it was very convenient, I could take my time to study anywhere – family time wasn’t sacrificed and my work wasn’t interrupted. I actually did get promoted when I graduated.* It was a very joyous day for myself, my wife, you know, my whole family. I finally did something I really wanted to do.*"
Sunny B
2013 Graduate
"Being a single mom and working 8 hours a day, I kind of felt guilty going to class and leaving my daughter at home. So I chose Everest University Online. You have the support team. They did help me every step of the way."
Raquel L.
2013 Graduate, MIBC
"I wanted to take business classes and get my degree. Then I started at Everest University Online, and I liked it. The process was just fast and easy. My whole school was there for me and I actually got my degree and it helped me get a raise and full-time benefits, so now I’m happy where I’m at right now.*"
Marisol C.
2013 Graduate, Business
"By completing your education you’re not only accomplishing something you wanted but you’re also opening your mind to a world of opportunities. Which opportunities you take help to define and shape you. Your education is your foundation, and what you do with it is infinitely powerful. "
Diana A.
2016 Graduate, Criminal Investigation

*Employment is not guaranteed, but career service help is available for graduates.