Meet Our Distinguished Faculty

We think it's important that our career-focused curriculum is taught by professionals in the industry they teach. That's why our instructors have an academic background coupled with professional experience in the fields they teach. This unique combination gives our students an edge in understanding how to apply what they've learned in class to the workplace.

Everest faculty members leverage their professional and academic expertise to give students insights and ideas that can't be taught in textbooks. Their interaction with each student in the online classroom gives students the support needed to complete class assignments and improve their understanding of concepts taught in the course.

"I love teaching online and have found it to be a real joy to meet people from around the nation--and even from other countries." Dr. Carla McGill University of California, Riverside, PhD
University of California, Riverside MA

"I work to help students relax in an online environment and to see their classmates and myself not only as members of the same learning team, but as family!" Dr. Stephen Oyer-Owens University of Texas, PhD

"An online student has a great advantage over the on-ground student in the ability to schedule work, study and family time. In an asynchronous online environment, a student works in class when it is most productive according to his or her schedule." Pamela Gressier, Esq. Western State University, JD
University of California, Irvine, MA

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