We’re here to help

As an Everest student or graduate, you'll get to know our experienced Career Services team who are ready to help you start your new career after graduation.* Here are some of the career service benefits we provide our students:

Career planning and career testing

At Everest, we give students and graduates valuable links to career planning and testing websites. We also share access to nationwide salary ranges, job titles and descriptions, occupational outlooks, statistical projections and more.

Career search

Our commitment to your success extends beyond graduation. Our Career Services professionals offer job-placement assistance to every student and graduate. As you start your job hunt, we'll help you with job leads and job search sites, valuable industry and company information, helpful networking tips, links to professional associations' websites and more.

Resumes and cover letters

To help you market yourself, your skills and your new degree, we provide personalized resume assistance to students and graduates. You'll have access to resume templates and guidelines, cover letter templates, formatting ideas and more.

Interviewing techniques

Do job interviews intimidate you? Our tips on dress code, handshake, posture, communication and follow-up can ease your mind and increase your confidence. We'll also give you an interview checklist that’ll serve you well throughout your career.


Sometimes it’s difficult to decide who to include on a reference list. But at Everest, we make it a little easier. We'll give you a reference form template and show you how to select the right personal and professional references.

Salary negotiations

Salary negotiations are often the most intimidating part of the hiring process. At Everest, we'll show you how to evaluate base salary and benefits so you can negotiate a higher salary. We'll also provide links to salary surveys and geographical/relocation websites.

Call or contact us to learn more how our Career Services team can help you.


*Employment is not guaranteed, but career services help is available for graduates. Your own hard work, professionalism, experience, work attitude, local market and other factors will impact your personal employment opportunities and pay.