Top 10 Everest advantages

  1. Accreditation

    Everest’s accreditation shows the strength of our academic programs and instruction. Accreditation means that our online school is recognized as a qualified institution of higher learning with approved programs of study that meet recognized academic standards. Learn how our accreditation benefits you.

  2. Distinguished faculty

    Everest instructors are skilled educators with strong academic backgrounds. All instructors have years of professional work experience. This combination provides you with a rich learning experience.

  3. National recognition

    Everest has campuses across the United States. When you join an Everest online degree program, you're part of a national community of students. Our family of Everest graduates and students are all over the country, which shows the strength of our community.

  4. Career-focused education

    We concentrate on providing you with career-focused education. Our instructors are professionals in their field, and can provide you with insights that you can't get out of a textbook.

  5. Friendly and supportive learning environment

    We have a supportive learning environment by allowing students to work together on group projects, and by providing one-on-one interaction with your instructor. You can get feedback for your coursework as well as advice from other students.

  6. Live 24/7 student support

    As an online student, you study when you have time. So we have a hotline you can call anytime to get technical help. You will also have a student services coordinator who will provide you with guidance and support throughout the life of your program.

  7. Flexible classes

    Some online schools rush you through a four-week class. We've found this causes unneeded strain and stress on students. It also doesn't provide a good learning environment. Our classes are the same as our ground campus version. You have the same amount of time to complete your work as if you were in the classroom, except you study when and where you want.

  8. Career placement services

    We provide all our students with career placement services. We want you to get the career support you need when finding a job. Our Career Services team can help you with your resume, interviewing skills, and finding a job in your area. And since we have campuses across the country, employers know the quality of our graduates.

  9. Accelerated learning

    Many of our students can finish their degree program quickly because they can pass proficiency exams in certain courses. You may be able to transfer credits from previous college courses so that you can complete the program in a faster timeframe. Talk to your Everest representative for information about credits tansfers.

  10. Diverse community

    Everest has a diverse group of online students. Some students love spending time interacting with the instructor and other students through online discussion threads or chat rooms. Other students prefer to just log on, get their assignments and meet the minimum participation requirements. It's up to you.

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