External Scholarships

External scholarships are an important way to help pay for your education. These scholarships are developed and funded by private organizations. Some external scholarships are available to Everest University Online students. Many opportunities follow in the information given below.

While the requirements may vary by scholarship, external scholarships will typically possess two identifying criteria:

  • Financial Need-based — Student shows financial need for scholarship.
  • Academic performance-based — Student demonstrates high academic performance, therefore, qualifying the student for scholarship.

Searching for External Scholarships

Most external scholarships start by using a search engine to determine which scholarships are available and to learn about the criteria. Most sites will ask you questions about your life, experiences, organizations, nationality and other factors to determine which scholarships apply to you.

The best way to find information on external scholarships is to take the time to answer as many questions as possible and review the sites often as new scholarships pop up regularly with different criteria. Remember, applying for an external scholarship can be your launch pad to success. Below are a few reputable scholarship search engines.

Contact Everest University Online today to find out more about our programs and to speak with a student finance planner. Financial aid is available for those who qualify.